We work with you; not merely for you.

VIP Presentation Book / Abu Dhabi Corporate Brochure. mecs - Dubai, UAE

We provide something unusual within our industry, a consultant-led service that works alongside you, rather than just for you. Taking a direct interest, sharing opinions and working as a team, our clients have come to rely on us for marketing insight, creative vision and sound production advice.

As our client, one of the things you will appreciate most is the proactive approach we take to managing each project. Putting a combination of professional know-how and 15 years of operating experience to use, we actively look to identify issues before we run into them. Attention to detail at every stage of production affords greater protection for the brand you work so hard to build.

One great advantage of our consultancy-based structure is that you work directly with experienced professionals, senior management capable of co-ordinating your project and thinking independently where needed. Professional ability is our most valuable asset in any situation.

Helping you make the right decisions,
managing your project efficiently and providing streamlined, end-to-end solutions from the right sources, can ensure that we minimise the potential for error and maintain consistently high standards.


We have a very clear objective;
to provide you with the best design and print expertise available anywhere in the GCC.

We are not the largest, and we are not the cheapest – and that is exactly why clients continue to choose mecs.

We work with a small and select group of successful businesses; clients who are serious about their business goals and their investment in marketing material.

With design and origination work headed by one managing partner, a Creative Director from the UK; and all production and deliverables overseen by another, a qualified British Master Printer; we hope to provide clients with a far higher level of service than would be possible from a ‘mass-market’ provider.

As a relatively small company, our business has been built on client recommendations alone. We will never sacrifice high-standards for the sake of expansion, knowing they are the foundations of our business. What we lose in working capacity, we gain in strong client relationships; believing that when you succeed, we succeed.

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