Big Bad Boo Inc.


“We’re a North American media company that was looking to fulfil a large order for comic books and other digital media in the Middle East. Local printing made a lot of sense, but we were very apprehensive about managing from afar, maintaining our quality requirements consistently and meeting our timelines. We looked at many options and then met mecs. Keith is a complete pain in the neck and thank goodness he is – because it comes out fivefold when he and his team are acting on your behalf:

They reviewed all creative and made adjustments to copy and graphics to make sure everything came out perfectly. They managed various printing facilities to make sure our pricing was the best pricing we could get, they leveraged their expertise to make sure our products looked brilliant, and they worked tirelessly to make sure all other parties met our time requirements.

We now use mecs as our primary global printing partner and print all our content in the Middle East for global distribution. When I met mecs, they told me that they were my team in the Middle East and that our work was their work. They have done everything to live up to this standard.”

Aly Jetha
Founder & President of Big Bad Boo Productions.
Vancouver – New York – L.A.

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