Corporate brochure design & print.

Brochures. Designed and Printed in Dubai (UAE)

First impressions matter, and for us – quality speaks volumes.

It says something about you and your organisation.

Over 15 years we have built a reputation for designing and printing brochures that ooze quality, combining European design and print management, with hard-won local knowledge and understanding gained in numerous Gulf countries.

Inspire and connect with your target audience.

Our work connects with people, creating a positive impression that inspires trust and confidence in your target audience.

In a region where so many languages are widely spoken, we believe Quality is one thing understood by all.
It cuts through the marketing melee – making a statement about your business that can overcome any language barrier.


Brochure design - mecs, Dubai (UAE)

Designing localised communications material.

Experienced in working with the corporate brand guidelines set by international Head Offices, we create fresh, compliant designs and adaptations that work in the GCC.

Collaborating with professional translators when necessary, our design team is led by a UK Creative Director with 15 years experience in the Arabian Gulf; giving you the means to produce relevant marketing material to the highest international standards, right here in Dubai.


How do we get started?

  1. Schedule a meeting. From our side it is essential that you understand our offering from the outset, before we prepare a quotation. Until we have demonstrated the key differences between our services and those of our competitors, you will not be able to judge the value of any quotation and make an informed decision.
  2. Needs analysis.We are a consultancy-type business working with a select group of market-leading clients and we do not employ a sales force. The advantage is that you work directly with our senior management, who usually oversee introductions personally.We look carefully at how you intend to use your brochure, and explore the many design, print and production options available to us – helping us deliver a brochure that does its job effectively and works for you.
  3. Production proposal and quotation. Having understood what you want your brochure to achieve, we can suggest suitable print specifications for your brochure and ensure that our proposal is suited to your requirements.


Brochure design - mecs, Dubai (UAE)


Do you need a printed brochure?

With modern communications and the internet, you could be forgiven for suspecting print material has become less important.

But there are reasons why every serious organisation has a printed brochure. A quality brochure, designed and printed well gives customers confidence and helps gain their trust.

As a physical item, a brochure is an investment which demonstrates your commitment and takes your company and its values right into the hands of your customers.

About us.

Middle East Creative Services is a European-managed services company providing specialist design and print management services to corporate clients across the GCC region and beyond.

We have one simple aim; to provide the best print material available anywhere in the Arabian Gulf region. 

We treat each brochure as a turnkey project, from concept to final production; bringing together all the elements needed to make your brochure a reality.

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Quality printing. Brochures by mecs, Dubai - UAE

A guaranteed advantage on-press.

At around 70% above the industry standard resolution,

you can think of our work as being High-Definition Printing.

This quality is made possible, not by different materials or specialist machinery; but thanks to the hands-on management provided by one of our managing partners, a qualified Master Printer from the UK. Though we are fortunate to have cutting-edge facilities at our disposal, it is professional skill and expertise that remain our core asset.

We are proud to be unique in the Middle East when it comes to employing this print standard, on each and every job we produce.


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Corporate Brochure printing - mecs, Dubai - UAE