Exhibition Stands & Displays.

Display Signage, Exhibition stand design - mecs, Dubai (UAE)

A pop-up banner stand for reception?

A portable display stand for your field marketing?

An exhibition stand for an upcoming event?

mecs is here to help. We design, create and deliver exhibition and event solutions for clients in Dubai & Abu Dhabi (UAE), Kuwait, and with a bit of extra notice, Oman and neighbouring countries.

What do you want from your exhibition stand?

Understanding your exhibition and event needs is the most important part of the project. Only once we’ve listened to what you want to achieve from your exhibition stand, portable display, conference or outdoor event can we begin to dream up solutions. As always, you know your market best. There are rarely off–the–shelf solutions which suit every company. Your business is unique and so is what you require in displays, exhibition stands and events. So we listen, understand your exhibition needs, objectives and marketing strategy. Then we think of creative and original ways of delivering solutions.

Designing your exhibition stand.

Our exhibition stand designers and graphic designers integrate graphics, advertising and marketing whilst always keeping engineering, practicality and logistics in mind. We aim on exhibition stand design that’s fit for purpose. We always try to design relevant exhibits and displays which offer value for money – we look at recycling elements and materials for future events wherever possible. An example of this is a modular display system we created for a chlor-alkali company in Kuwait. Comprising of several large pop-up display stands with large format banners, it was used at an exhibition related to Iraq’s reconstruction. It now forms a reception area at the company’s office, awaiting the next exhibition.

Full exhibition support.

As a design company, we do not have staff to devote to exhibition logistics. We have reliable partners in Dubai who transport and construct our exhibition stands and displays at locations across the UAE. This gives us the ability to source large numbers of staff and offer you full support services, from installation to dismantle and removal. The installation is supervised and inspected by mecs to make sure it meets expectations.

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We provide solutions for events and exhibitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE and GCC region, including custom exhibition stand design, build and installation. mecs can help with support material such as large format banners, exhibition graphics, print material and exhibition literature. For cost-effective display solutions, we supply a range of portable pop-up exhibition stands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.