Dubai Brochure Design: Make a Great First Impression

The old saying is still true: You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

When a brochure is the first impression of your company, that brochure must powerfully, quickly and stylishly introduce your message and make a positive impact. As a very experienced Dubai brochure design and print company, making positive impressions with English/Arabic corporate brochures is our specialty.


This investment matters.

Why is it important? Just as a business card introduces you to a new person, a corporate brochure introduces a company to potential customers and business associates. In a quick, visually appealing, concise way, your company’s message–your strengths, your vision, your business objectives–are communicated. Our job is to make sure that the person looking at your brochure will want to do business with you.

Many business owners believe that if they have a good layout program on their computer and they know a printer who has a business down the street, they can manage their own brochures. But much more thought must go into this vitally important document.


1. Do your research. Look at competitors in Dubai, brochure design varies city to city.

Your first step is to investigate. Most of us receive documents in the mail or at meetings or at various trade shows in Dubai. Gather them and look at them. What are your competitors doing? What brochures make you want to learn more about the company? Perhaps more importantly, which brochures make you think, “cheap, unprofessional, clumsy.” You have just seen why many companies, while trying to save money, are actually hurting their businesses, because if a brochure or flyer gives a bad impression, the immediate response is that the products or services will also be cheap and low-quality.

Gather the brochures that give you a good impression and look at them closely. What is appealing? Is it the thickness of the paper, the photographic imaging, the style of the writing? Developing a file of brochures that appeal to you will help you make important style choices when you are designing your own brochure.


2. Get your ideas down on paper.

Your second task is to determine what points you want to make. Whether you are introducing your company, a specific product, or a specialized service, be very clear on what you want to say. These sales points, also called value propositions, are the key selling points you want to make, so they must be clear, easy to understand, and they must show why doing business with you is better than doing business with all of your competitors.


3. Set the tone of voice.

Next, think about style and personality. Style is a very subjective but important matter for publications. This is the “look and feel” of a publication that gives personality and creates an impression. The style you choose for your company should be suited to your customers. Your style sets you apart. The possibilities are wide: glamorous, youthful, exotic and bohemian, high-tech, edgy and streetwise, timeless elegance, experienced and solid, cutting-edge and scientific, professional. What style will attract your customers? What style sets you apart from the competition? This style should represent your business and it should be reflected in the copy that is written for your brochure as well as in the brochure design, photography and graphics you choose.


4. Finally, find the right partner to work with.

You have done the thinking, now it is time to choose professionals who will put the finishing touches on your ideas. We’re a well establish Dubai brochure design and print consultancy, with experts in graphic design, layout and corporate communications. We will take your ideas and wishes and turn them into highest-quality publications. We have copywriters who can fine-tune your copy, translators who can make the copy multilingual, if you so choose, and we have photographers, designers and artists who can obtain the visual components your brochure needs. We will work with your ideas and develop visually appealing layouts, including RTL brochure design (right-to-left artwork). We will source the best paper for your needs, and we will source the best printer for your publication. We will manage the entire process from start-to-finish, with your brochure done on time and in perfect quality.


Are your ready to start? Contact us for a consultation.

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