Roundup of New Font Designs, July 2012.

Clean, professional typography is one of the things that differentiates our work and makes the graphic design projects we undertake easy to recognise. Our Creative Director is a typographer herself, so keeping a watchful eye on the latest fonts available is a personal interest as well as a necessity.

Our font provider always promotes a number of the most popular fonts, that we have cut-down to just 3 – our favourite new fonts of July.


Julieta, Fonts of July

Julieta: Created by Paula Nazal Selaive, Juileta is an informal font that’s also extremely ornamental – it’s swashes and flourishes making it an ideal display font. Versatility comes from 810 glyphs included in the Professional font, and there is an additional set of ornaments, connectors and catchwords available for endless design combinations.


New Cuisine, Fonts of July

New Cuisine: Font designer Stephen Rapp is an expert in crafting unique handwritten styles, great for packaging, greetings cards, point-of-sale material, signage or books.

New Cuisine is one such example of great lettering. Based on research into DIY font styles, it manages to be quirky and professional at the same time; featuring precise connections, unique ligatures and alternates.


Thirsty Script, Fonts of July

Thirsty Script: Influenced by numerous well-know signage scripts such as Wisdom Script, Deftone Stylus, Lobster and even Proxima Nova – this font offers a handmade feel – part retro script, part modern.

Designed by Ryan Martinson, this contemporary script goes way beyond the fonts that inspire it in terms of flexibility. While all of those are one-weight fonts, Thirsty Script is availble in 6 weights ranging from Light to Black.



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