mecs Brochure Showcases Printing Capability.

Dubai Brochure Design & Print

We recently produced our own company profile, a 28-page brochure.

Our main requirement was to demonstrate the key differences in print quality between mecs and the wider market – using high-resolution images to highlight our HD-print resolution, when comparing the brochure directly with competing samples from anywhere in the world.


Having spent considerable time compiling the content, the design had to strike a balance that blended information and text copy, with enough photography to reinforce that USP; print quality that exceeds the GCC-standard resolution by 40-70%.


The finished brochure was printed in 3 variations, using different print specifications and materials. One demonstrated the typical quality that all clients can expect, using the standard matt-coated artboard we generally use. No additional cost options, just high-resolution print. Another specification was devised for what would be a VIP-edition, based on a premium uncoated paper – Fedrigoni Splendorgel. This version featured intricate vector illustrations with precisely applied Spot-UV varnish. The remaining quantity were produced with silver board covers, demonstrating a rare capability which involves printing directly onto metallic board.


Despite using different ‘cost-options’, all were perfect-bound and printed at exactly the same resolution and have been very well received by clients and interested parties. If you would like to receive a copy yourself, we would be very pleased to arrange an introductory meeting when you next review your print requirements.