Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with Tales from 1001 Nights.

An animated comedy series for 6-9 year olds, 1001 Nights is an original show that brings the delightful tales of famed 1001 Arabian Nights to the screen with hilarity, excitement, and non-stop fast paced action.

The show airs everyday in the United Arab Emirates on eJunior, part of Etisalat’s eVision network, as well as Al Jazeera Children’s Channel and Disney Asia.


Check air dates at www.ejunior.ae


About 1001 Nights
Filled with exciting stories, vivid animation, wonderful music, and unforgettable characters, 1001 Nights is eye-popping entertainment for both kids and adults. You’ve heard of Sinbad, Aladdin, and Ali Baba? You’ve got 998 more stories to go! 1001 Nights brings them to you in a way that will keep you coming back for more. Meet Haroun Al Rashid, Princess Rou, Emperor Chang, The Hunchback and Prince Ahmad. Join the heroine Shahrzad as she weaves tales of adventure, intrigue, and excitement for King Shahryar, Donyazad and Shahzaman!



About Big Bad Boo Studios
Big Bad Boo is a production dedicated to teaching children culture through entertainment. The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Their first product Babak & Friends – A First Norooz was a direct-to-DVD cartoon about the Persian New Year. Their first animated TV series, Mixed Nutz, is now airing on Shaw TV, PBS and major stations around the world. Big Bad Boo is currently working on1001 Nights. Big Bad Boo provides animation, co-production and development services to clients worldwide. See more at www.bigbadboo.ca.
The company’s distribution arm is www.oznoz.com.

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