Refresh your Business this Summer.

With temperatures continuing to soar, residents of the GCC are either jetting off across the world or bunkering down in air conditioned offices. The executives who make up your client base and target market quickly become a rare and endangered species, following the usual pattern which causes an annual drought of business each summer.

When business is slow, it is easy for business owners and directors to enter a bunker mentality; to sit and stew until business picks up around the beginning of September. But there is an alternative, to spend all available down-time getting better and more efficient as a company – and there is no more profitable area to work on than marketing.

Marketing your company should be an ongoing experiment – keep testing different approaches and monitoring the results. Constantly refining your marketing efforts is the key to improving sales. Test everything in a small way to begin with. Keep and expand what works, and drop the ideas that fail to deliver. However good what your company has to offer might be, it all depends on your marketing. If you commit to making your marketing outstanding, you can usually achieve increases between 50-250%. Look at things from start-to-finish, who are you trying to reach? What requirement does your product or service fulfil, what sets your offering apart?

All things considered, the summer slow-down is actually a huge opportunity. It is unlikely you would have the same time and attention to spare at any other time of the year. Becoming a more efficient business all-round means that when business does pick-up around September you will convert a far higher proportion of potential prospects, having cut-out ineffective practices and left nothing to chance.


Besides marketing, here are some ways that could help you utilise this summer at work most effectively:

  • Host employee training sessions. Better-trained workers are more productive.
  • Set aside time to plan and brainstorm. When was the last time you evaluated what you do and looked at the big picture?
  • Refresh your website, brochure or identity. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade and refresh your website or print collateral so it can help you drive more sales.
  • Make contact with clients and prospects. Work through your client list and prospects, you never know whether they might require what your company has to offer.
  • Declutter your office.
  • Host an event. Celebrate summer with your customers – and maybe drum up a few more in the process.


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