Professional Photography.

Professional Photographers in Dubai (UAE)

mecs has made significant investments in photographic equipment and our own professional photographer. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the UAE, and Kuwait, we have provided professional photographic services in support of our design work, these include:

  • Corporate Photography
  • Commercial location photography
  • Video photography

Our designers demand quality, creative photographs as a vital part of our design work – and quality becomes particularly important when printing to our high standards. We believe photography can make or break a corporate profile or brochure. If time or budget constraints do not allow for bespoke photography, mecs has access to one of the world’s largest high resolution image libraries.

Why use a professional photographer?

As cameras grow in digital sophistication it is becoming easier for everyone to get pleasing results for apparently little cost. However, using an amateur to take an important picture can be a false economy. Professional photography will sell your product or your company; communicate a message and style, amateur photography will not.

To make sure our photos have the maximum impact and desired effect, our photographer relies on the support and skills of our designers. They determine what is required and provide guidance, to capture images that are appropriate for our client’s business and their purpose. Hopefully, the end result is photography which reinforces the company’s identity, message and overall style. It is as important to mecs as it is to you, that the imagery is right for your business and requirements. As a proportion of your project’s overall budget, the cost of getting the original photography as good as possible is tiny.

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More of the corporate, commercial photography projects completed by our photographers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and at various industrial sites in the UAE will be online soon.

We believe the impact creative professional photography has on your image cannot be underestimated, knowing photograhy can have a positive and dinstinctive influence on your corporate identity.
Our professional photographers have contributed to many of our turnkey projects, providing corporate and commercial photography across a wide scope of environments – from retail to construction. mecs – Dubai, UAE.