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Search Engine Optimization Dubai (SEO)

When your website is displayed in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and others, your page has successfully made one impression. ie. Everytime your website is seen by a search engine user you make an ‘impression’.

Our Search Engine Optimisation services work on improving your websites’ ranking in the search engine results, with the aim of making as many impressions as possible and therefore, gaining more visitors to your website. Visitors who might never have found it otherwise.

If search engine optimisation of your company’s website is not already a priority in marketing your business, there could be sizeable potential for additional sales waiting in the wings.

What makes our SEO services different?

Transparency. Our Clicktelligence online reporting suite makes monitoring progress on your project simple and easy.

When your Search Engine Optimisation project is launched live on the internet, you will be given a personal login for Clicktelligence. Here you can view detailed custom data for your particular campaign, including traffic analysis, ranking reports and information detailing all the off-page SEO work that we carry out (reports of submissions, articles written and links gained).

We believe giving you the ability to see exactly what is being done for your investment, keeping you updated with regular reports month on month is the most ethical SEO guarantee we can make.

It is important to choose your SEO partners carefully. There are many unscrupulous Search Engine Optimisation methods which you should avoid at all costs, often called ‘black hat SEO’ techniques. It can be wise to learn how to recognise some of these methods by spending a few minutes reviewing the results returned by any search engine.

A professional SEO provider will never promise or guarantee specific results, as search engine optimisation is an ongoing process that involves many factors which can affect your website’s ranking.


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SEO services are essential to marketing our own company and if you have never implemented professional SEO before, it could have a transformational effect on your business. Search Engine Optimization can appear complicated and confusing, and there are several dozen other Dubai Search Engine Optimization companies claiming to achieve spectacular SEO results. We aim to make your Dubai Search Engine Optimization project straight-forward, cost-effective, open and measurable. mecs seo services – Dubai, UAE.